One App For The Whole Family

Pay. Get paid. Save. Shop. Budget. Give. Learn. Teens can learn to save, balance a budget, pick up good spending habits, and prepare for a healthier financial life as an adult.

Every feature you need to win. Try it for yourself.

Get all the tools to nurture financially healthy kids—a prepaid debit card, app, and built-in Money Missions. Kids learn in the app and by using their card, and you get peace of mind with features created for families.

Your to-do list is long enough. Automate your child’s allowance and adjust it depending on whether they stepped it up or slacked off. By regularly connecting allowance and chores, kids learn the value of money and hard work.

Stress less about saving. With Hebit, you can make everyday purchases part of your larger savings plan. Set goals and watch your savings grow automatically as you spend.

Teen can easily request for money and accept with one click. You can also request money from them if they need to settle up with you.

Find videos, quizzes, and other educational content in the Hebit app. It’s made to be engaging and fun for the family — so you can navigate the world of financial literacy together.

Your kids learn independence,
you get peace of mind

Parents get full visibility, instant funding capabilities and peace of mind. And teens learn smart money habits, all in a safe space.

  • One app for the whole fam

    Companion apps for kids, teens and parents mean there’s something for everyone. App features are tailored to your child’s age and money skills.

  • So many ways to learn

    With their own card, tasks and Money Missions, kids are always learning about personal finance.

  • Tap, tap, chores

    Set tasks and kids get paid when it's done. Cha-ching!

  • Pocket money on repeat

    Easily set up weekly allowance transfers—then check it off your to-do list for good.

  • Real-time updates

    Block and unblock cards, flex parental controls, and get instant notifications every time your kids spend money.

  • Set spending controls

    Decide where and how much kids can spend, and use your parent app to easily add or change the settings.

Get money smart. Get ahead

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